按ALT + [ ñ ]上帝模式(无损伤)
按Ctrl + Alt + [ B ]中999.999黄金
按ALT + [  ]电信股精选
按CTRL + [ K ]杀死选定股
按ALT + [ F2代]恶灵任何单位
按Ctrl + Shift + [ C ]条复制单位/结构
按Ctrl + Shift + [五]粘贴股/结构
按ALT + [ F ]条即时一级( 20 )
按ALT + [五]线框模式
按Ctrl + Alt +为[ Z ]显示地图
按ALT + [一个]切换对手人工智能


Enable Cheats
Open the Game.prefs file with Notepad. This file is located in My Documents\\My Games\\Gas Powered Games\\Demigod.

Add the following lines to the beginning of the file (above the 'profile = {'):

debug = {
enable_debug_facilities = true

After saving the file, right click and choose properties. Select the READ ONLY flag so that the file cannot be overwritten. You may now use any of the following cheat commands while playing skirmish or tournament mode.

Note: The enemy may also have access to any cheats that you enable and will not hesitate to use them against you.

Code:        Result:
ALT+[N]        God Mode (No Damage)
CTRL+ALT+[B]        999.999 Gold
ALT+[T]        Teleport Selected Unit
CTRL+[K]        Kill Selected Unit
ALT+[F2]        Spawn Any Unit
CTRL+SHIFT+[C]        Copy Unit/Structure
CTRL+SHIFT+[V]        Paste Unit/Structure
ALT+[F]        Instant Level Up (20)
ALT+[V]        Wireframe Mode
CTRL+ALT+[Z]        Reveal Map
ALT+[A]        Toggle Opponent AI
[MINUS]        Decrease Game Speed
[PLUS]        Increase Game Speed





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